The Reality:

Compounded by The Affordable Healthcare Act, employers who offer medical insurance are continuing to experience double-digit annual premium increases. As a result, many of them are electing high-deductible insurance plans with HSA's, higher co-pays and even the exclusion of dental and vision insurance in order to provide their employees with healthcare coverage. In turn, employees are being asked to assume more responsibility for
their healthcare expenses.


TelaMed PLUS has effective solutions that can save your clients money on out-of-pocket medical expenses like doctor visits, ER visits, prescriptions, dental care, contact lenses and others. The telehealth (doctor visits by phone) benefit gives employees 24/7 access to physicians who can diagnose and, if necessary, prescribe medication for primary care illnesses.  This can prevent unnecessary and time-consuming visits to emergency rooms or urgent care clinics while lowering claims experience and encouraging
employee wellness.

Employers, TelaMed PLUS can help you: n Reduce your rate increases n Provide 24/7/365 medical access wherever you are n Reduce out-of-pocket expenses n Offer additional benefits (like dental and vision) n Eliminate "presenteeism" n Promote wellness n Generate employee loyalty n Provide family benefits

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